Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blush - TLM bass

Sorry it took me a while to update.

I took the bass to Wade's Guitar shop & they did an excellent job on it.

They lowered the action, though it should be much lower.

The screw heads holding the neck to the body were gnarled up. Wade told me it's because the screw holes in the body needed to be wider. Turns out the screws were biting into the body as well as the neck. This meant the screws weren't connecting to the neck as well as they could. Wade widened the holes in the body, just a little, so the screws would have a bit more "traction" when the screws went into the neck. He made that change & also moved one of the screws to stabilize the neck joint.

Since the headstock does not angle back, there's a possibility the G string could pop out of the nut. Wade added a string strainer.

I really like the feel of the neck. It's really comfortable!
All in all, a cool bass with a great sound.

So, this past Easter, we hosted the family & my nephew was there. He plays bass with the symphony in his home city.

I mentioned Blush & he wanted to see it. His eyes went wide when he saw it and he immediately sat down to play. I said "the action's way too high for me." He didn't have an issue with the action and didn't want to put the bass down. He kept smiling & turning the amp louder saying "Man, I love this bass!"

I almost gave it to him, but kept my head about me & decided to keep the bass.

I'll post pics of the bass as soon as I can.